For Patients

Arlington, TX

USMD Hospital at Arlington was recently ranked #4 in the nation for cancer care. The program is built around a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary team of experts that includes surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, gene testing and counseling specialists, and nurse navigators. As a result, a patient can now receive cancer screening, biopsy, surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, genetic testing and radiation therapy at a single location, while a nurse navigator carefully guides the patient through the treatment and recovery process

Center equipment:

  • Next-generation linear accelerators: TrueBeam STX, Novalis TX and Cyberknife.
  • Vision RT for precise patient positioning and real time infrared imaging to assure the accuracy and safety of treatment.
  • CT guidance for precise targeting and sophisticated beam shaping using RapidArc™ technology
  • Specialized expertise in the latest techniques such as IMRT and radiosurgery.
  • An aesthetically appealing, soothing and extremely organized department.