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Raleigh, North Carolina

Parkway Urology, P.A. dba, Cary Urology, PA

has received a Certificate of Need for a linear accelerator to be included in a demonstration project for a multidisciplinary prostate care center in Raleigh, North Carolina, which will be called The Prostate Health Center.  A first in the service area, The Prostate Health Center (Center) is scheduled to begin services in March 2013.  It will offer comprehensive cancer treatment, therapy and care management for people who have prostate and urological related cancer.  The Center will house urology services; medical oncology services, including chemotherapy; radiation oncology, including external beam and brachytherapy; biofeedback therapy; and living skills counseling and therapy in a 12,315 square foot facility.  A state of the art linear accelerator (Varian Triology), a computed tomography (CT) simulator and ultrasound localization will support the services.  The electronic medical record (Varian ARIA) system will use digital transmission among linear accelerator, CT simulator, localizer and treatment planning software to assure seamless, single entry information transmission.  

One objective of the Center is to address the high incidence of prostate cancer among African American men, to detect the disease at earlier stages when long term survival rates are higher.  The long term goal is reduction in both incidence and death rates of prostate cancer among North Carolina men and African American men in particular. Plans for the Center include an extensive screening and outreach program in cooperation with clinics, churches, and other physician practices located in multiple counties. The Center plans to use an organized African American prostate cancer education/outreach program to partner with and complement the NC Minority Prostate Cancer Awareness Action Team initiatives, and will offer scholarship for health professional students at Shaw University and Saint Augustine’s College.

Urological and specifically prostate cancer treatment is very complex.  A Tumor Board involving participation of referring urologists, radiation oncologist, medical oncologist and therapists will assure current attention to changing aspects of this multi-faceted disease and precise tailoring to the unique needs of each patient.  The facility will include consultation and exam rooms in which local referral urologists can consult with patients who are getting radiation treatment.


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